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Doula Services

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Birth Doula Services

2-Hour Birth Planning Session + Ongoing Support Services

Embark on your childbirth journey with confidence and personalized support through our Comprehensive Birth Planning and Support Package. This package not only includes a thorough 2-hour Birth Planning Session but also a range of services designed to accompany you before, during, and after the birthing process.

1. Birth Planning Session (2 Hours):

  • Welcome and introduction to the birthing process.

  • In-depth exploration of your birth preferences.

  • Creation of a personalized birth plan.

  • Practical labor and delivery techniques.

  • Q&A session and closing thoughts.

2. Meet & Greet:

  • Initial consultation to get to know each other.

  • Discussion of your expectations and preferences.

3. 24/7 On-Call Availability:

  • From the 37th week of pregnancy, enjoy round-the-clock availability for any urgent concerns or questions.

4. Labor and Delivery Support:

  • On-site assistance during labor and delivery.

  • Emotional support and encouragement.

  • Collaboration with healthcare providers to ensure your preferences are respected.

5. Assistance with Breastfeeding:

  • Guidance and support for establishing successful breastfeeding.

  • Troubleshooting common breastfeeding challenges.

6. 2-Hour Postpartum Assistance:

  • Immediate post-birth support for both you and your baby.

  • Assistance with initial postpartum recovery.

7. Mary Poppins Goodie Bag:

  • A thoughtful assortment of postpartum essentials and treats.

8. 6-Week Follow-Up and 24/7 Virtual Availability Postpartum:

  • In-depth postpartum follow-up to address any concerns.

  • Continuous virtual support for the first six weeks postpartum.

9. Birth Ball, Goodies Class:

  • A specialized class on the benefits of using a birth ball during pregnancy and labor.

  • Practical demonstrations and hands-on experience.

10. Education and Resources:

  • Access to a curated collection of childbirth education materials.

  • Information on postpartum self-care and newborn care.

11. Postpartum Assistance:

  • Ongoing postpartum support as you transition into parenthood.

  • Guidance on self-care and newborn care.


  • Personalized birth plan aligned with your values.

  • Comprehensive on-call support for peace of mind.

  • Expert guidance during labor, delivery, and postpartum.

  • Valuable resources for a smooth transition into parenthood.

Note: This comprehensive package is designed to provide holistic support throughout your childbirth journey. Whether it's planning for the birth, navigating labor, or adjusting to postpartum life, we're here for you every step of the way.

Birth Planning Single Session

Personalized Birth Planning Session

Duration: 2 Hours

Prepare for the beautiful journey of childbirth with our personalized Birth Planning Session. This two-hour session is designed to empower you and your birthing partner with knowledge, confidence, and a customized plan for the arrival of your little one.


1. Welcome and Introduction (15 minutes):

  • Brief overview of the session.

  • Introduction to the facilitator(s).

2. Understanding Your Birth Preferences (30 minutes):

  • Discuss your personal birthing philosophy.

  • Explore different birthing options and environments.

  • Clarify your preferences for pain management, interventions, and birthing positions.

3. Creating Your Birth Team (20 minutes):

  • Discuss the role of healthcare providers and birthing support.

  • Address concerns and establish communication strategies with your birthing team.

4. Labor and Comfort Techniques (45 minutes):

  • Learn and practice various relaxation and breathing techniques.

  • Explore coping mechanisms for each stage of labor.

  • Discuss the role of your birthing partner and how they can offer support.

5. Birth Environment and Special Requests (15 minutes):

  • Consider your ideal birthing environment.

  • Discuss any special requests or cultural preferences.

6. Emergency Preparedness (15 minutes):

  • Review common interventions and emergency scenarios.

  • Discuss decision-making during unexpected situations.

7. Creating Your Birth Plan (20 minutes):

  • Work collaboratively to draft a personalized birth plan.

  • Receive guidance on how to communicate your preferences to your healthcare team.

8. Q&A and Closing Thoughts (10 minutes):

  • Address any remaining questions or concerns.

  • Provide additional resources for further information.

  • Closing remarks and encouragement for a positive birthing experience.


  • Gain confidence in your birthing choices.

  • Strengthen communication with your birthing team.

  • Develop a personalized birth plan that aligns with your values.

  • Learn practical techniques for labor and delivery.

Note: This session is designed to be interactive, allowing you to actively participate in the creation of your birth plan. Please come prepared with any questions or specific topics you'd like to discuss.

Prepare for the transformative journey ahead by joining us for this informative and empowering Birth Planning Session. We look forward to supporting you in creating a positive and memorable birthing experience.

Doula Fairy

Doula Fairy In-Home Support Package

Welcome to the Doula Fairy In-Home Support Package, where we go beyond traditional doula services to create a nurturing environment for new parents. Our mission is to sprinkle a touch of magic into your home, offering support that extends beyond the birthing experience. With a blend of doula care, light housekeeping, and baby-tending, let us help you embrace the joys of parenthood without the stress.

1. Meet & Greet:

  • An initial consultation to understand your unique needs and expectations.

  • Discussion of preferences for in-home support.

2. Light Housekeeping:

  • Assistance with light household chores to create a comfortable and tidy living space.

  • Focus on areas that directly contribute to a serene and stress-free environment.

3. Baby Tending:

  • Expert care for your newborn, allowing you to rest and recover.

  • Support with feeding, diaper changes, and soothing techniques.

4. Home Support for New Parents:

  • Guidance on establishing routines for both parents and baby.

  • Emotional support and a listening ear for any concerns or questions.

5. Postpartum Check-Ins:

  • Regular check-ins to assess your well-being and address any evolving needs.

  • Adaptation of support based on the changing dynamics of your family.

6. On-Call Availability:

  • 24/7 availability for urgent matters or questions.

  • Peace of mind knowing you have a trusted support system.

7. Personalized Baby Care Resources:

  • Access to a curated collection of resources on newborn care.

  • Practical tips for soothing techniques, sleep routines, and more.


  • A clean and organized home environment without the stress of chores.

  • Dedicated care for your newborn, allowing you time to rest and recover.

  • Emotional support for the entire family during the postpartum period.

  • Flexibility to adapt support based on your evolving needs.

Note: The Doula Fairy In-Home Support Package is designed to be a flexible and personalized service, tailored to your unique family dynamics. Let us bring a touch of magic to your postpartum journey, so you can focus on creating precious moments with your new bundle of joy.

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